10 Reasons Musicians Work with MEII Enterprises:

1. Experience:

We’ve been producing and distributing digital and physical albums since 2005. In those 12 years we’ve learned what to do and what not to do. 

2. We bring both business and artistic experience to the table.

We understand the business aspects of producing an album and the aesthetic side. Principal Eugene Marlow is an experienced businessman, producer and musician. He knows how to balance artistic decisions with practical realities. 

3. We take a long-range perspective.

We take a long-range perspective: Targeted planning is imperative for a successful project. 

We always look at the larger picture to see how your single or multi-track album fits your audience objective. 

4. We help you develop your campaign.

Artists work hard to earn a living. We look to make every penny invested in a CD project count to create a cost-effective, quality product. 

5. We make every penny count.

We understand that timing can be critical. 

6. We keep projects on time and on budget.

Need help producing the album (or single track)?  Organizing the recording session? CD design/graphics? Making decisions about

7.We can work with you from A-Z. 

The graphics associated with an album are just as important as the album’s content. Conceptualizing and executing the graphics is an integral part of the marketing and promotional process.

8. We offer graphic resources and support. 

Details and technical quality are important to producing a quality product.

9.  We pay attention to the details.

We can submit your work for reviews and to the Recording Academy for Grammy consideration.

10. Resources beyond production.