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(Remembrance of Kristallnacht):
A Family Story

“Zikkaron/Kristallnacht: A Family Story” is a nine-minute documentary short that describes the events of November 9-10, 1938 all over German and parts of Austria when, on the pretext of the assassination of a German diplomat in Paris, the Nazis destroyed thousands of Jewish-owned stores, buildings, synagogues, and homes. The word “Kristallnacht” means “The Night of Broken Glass,” a reference to the shards of broken glass, a result of the destruction. “Kristallnacht” is considered the beginning of what resulted in the Holocaust.

The events of Kristallnacht” are told from producer Dr. Eugene Marlow’s maternal family’s perspective. They were present in Leipzig, Germany, during the event.

 The video contains dozens of historical photographs and film. An original music score was composed and performed by Dr. Marlow and his Heritage Ensemble.

 Support for this was project was provided by a PSC-CUNY Award, jointly funded by The Professional Staff Congress and The City University of New York.

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Shakerism: The First Two Hundred Years

MEII Enterprises is proud to announce that the documentary “Shakerism: The First Two Hundred Years” has been re-mastered and is again available for sale. The 30-minute, black-and-white program--co-produced, directed and written by Terese Kreuzer and Eugene Marlow, Ph.D.--is now on DVD.

At its premiere (originally released in 1976), The Lewiston (Maine) Daily Sun observed, “[It] goes a long way toward explaining the ideas and ideals of Shakerism, its past and accomplishments, and what can be expected in the future.”

In addition to describing Shakerism’s early days and the Sabbathday Lake, Maine, community, the program’s locations include the Hancock Shaker Village (Massachusetts), the Shaker museum at Old Chatham (New York), and founder Mother Anne’s gravesite at Watervliet (outside Albany), among other locations.

One of the major features of the program is the almost continuous singing underscore by Sister Mildred Barker of the Sabbathday Lake community.

The documentary also includes interviews with Dr. Theodore Johnson, the late resident director of the Shaker Museum at Sabbathday Lake, Robert Meader, then director of the Shaker Museum in Old Chatham, New York, and John Ott, director of the Shaker Village in Hancock, Massachusetts.


Jazz in China: From Dance Hall Music
to Individual Freedom of Expression

A monumental study of the history of jazz in China
“Is there jazz in China?” This is the question that sent author Eugene Marlow on his quest to uncover the history of jazz in China. Marlow traces China’s introduction to jazz in the early 1920s, its interruption by Chinese leadership under Mao in 1949, and its rejuvenation in the early 1980s with the start of China’s opening to the world under Premier Deng Xioaping.

Covering a span of almost 100 years, Marlow focuses on a variety of subjects—the musicians who initiated jazz performances in China, the means by which jazz was incorporated into Chinese culture, and the musicians and venues that now present jazz performances.

Featuring unique, face-to-face interviews with leading indigenous jazz musicians in Beijing and Shanghai, plus interviews with club owners, promoters, expatriates, and even diplomats, Marlow marks the evolution of jazz in China as it parallels China’s social, economic, and political evolution through the twentieth and into the twenty-first century. Also featured is an interview with one of the extant members of the Jimmy King Big Band of the 1940s, one of the first major all-Chinese jazz big band in Shanghai.

Ultimately, Jazz in China is a cultural history that reveals the inexorable evolution of a democratic form of music in a Communist state. 

Due 2019

Eugene Marlow, Ph.D., Brooklyn, New York, is an award-winning composer, producer, performer, author, journalist, and educator. He has written eight books dealing with communications, technology, and culture and more than 400 articles and chapters published in professional and academic journals in the United States, Germany, Greece, Japan, China, and Russia. He is currently a professor at Baruch College (City University of New York) where he teaches courses in media and culture.


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