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MEII Enterprises
Music Services

1.    Create a long-range CD marketing/PR plan

2.      Identify specific target audiences

3.      Identify  specific print and online media targets

4.      Identify recording studio, editing, mastering, and/or duplication resources

5.      Organize recording sessions

6.      Produce recording sessions

7.      Edit recording sessions

8.      Master recording sessions

9.      Secure licenses for cover tunes

10.  Design and execute CD graphics

11.  Supervise the CD duplication process

12.  Arrange for a UPC specific to the CD project

13.  Edit and polish musician bio material

14.  Place the CD/single track on digital outlets

15.  Promote the CD/single track on the MEII Enterprises web site

16.  Promote the CD/single track on specific email lists

17.  Distribute the CD/single track to specific print and online media targets

18.  Submit the CD/single track to the Recording Academy for Grammy consideration

MEII Enterprises does not serve as an agent or a booking agent.