MEII Enterprises also offers professional development and world history oriented presentations by Dr. Eugene Marlow.  For 40+ years he has given presentations to dozens of domestic and international professional and business associations and colleges. He has also been invited to speak on television and radio. His presentations are perfect for music oriented organizations and schools/colleges, synagogues, Jewish Community Centers, and museums.

Net Worth Presentation.jpg

How Knowing What Your Net Worth
Can Enhance Your Career

A talk and visual presentation. This talk is ideal for artists in the fine and performing arts, whether practicing artists or students.

Realities Presentation.jpg

The Realities of Planning, Executing, And Distributing Your Music In The 21st Century

A talk and visual presentation. This one-hour presentation is specifically directed at artists in the music industry, whether jazz, Latin-jazz, classical, or world music. 

Chagall Presentation.jpg

The Musical Icons of Marc Chagall

A talk and visual presentation. This presentation makes the connection between Chagall’s early desire to become a musician in a Russian shtetl and his prolific artistic output. A perfect presentation for liberal arts students, particularly those involved in music and the fine arts. 


How the Germans-Directly and Indirectly
Brought Jazz to China

A talk and visual presentation. This presentation grows out of Dr. Marlow’s forthcoming book on jazz in China (due July 16, 2018). The talk makes the connection between 20th century technologies, particularly those developed by the Germans and the evolution of jazz in China. 

Krystallnacht Presentation.jpg

Zikkaron/Kristallnacht: A Family Story

A one-hour presentation on the ramifications of “The Night of Broken Glass” on the larger Jewish community. The talk begins with a showing of a 10-minute DVD produced by Dr. Marlow. This presentation is ideal for synagogues, Jewish community centers, Jewish museums, and college level Jewish studies programs.


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